Irony of Liars

I fear the lies I might hear. The broken truth that could make me feel lost in a world I, otherwise , know like the back of my hand. So like my mother tried to drive away my childhood fear of ghosts by making me believe their non-existence, I try that trick with lies. 

But while convincing myself that truth has no antonyms, I realise the irony of liars.


There are no lies
Strictly miracles and magic
That make things happen the
Way you know it to be
Only people use the wrong spell sometimes
There are no lies
Just words put together
Stringed in the mind of faith
In perfect sequence and serenity
They just sound different when you hear them
There are no lies
Maybe role playing, a little screenplay
Maybe Shakespeare was right
Maybe all the world’s a stage
If only the irony was stage fright
There are no lies
Only the truth
Plain, transparent like a clear sky
On a summer day
That shows you the endlessness of
Blue, of sunshine and life
There are no lies
There’s truth- hidden, opaque, covered, blackened out
Like a thunderstorm at night
Blinding light, the black closing in on the
Infinity we once witnessed
Enraptured, unguarded
There are no lies
But there are storms
That rip you apart
Send you fumbling
In a sea of misconceptions, misnomer
Misguided, you walk into the dark
There are no lies
Just forgetful beings on
An uphill maze; like cobwebbed streets
And unending ways
The maps never seen, never made!
There are no lies
Fiction is for the books
It is exactly how it looks
Don’t  tell me otherwise
There are no…
There are no lies
There are NO lies
there are no lies
Are there?

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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

One thought on “Irony of Liars”

  1. I am sure there are no lies.. life is pure truth & everything surrounding us are also truth. Lies, if any , are short lived & overtaken by truth sooner or later. With lots of love …papa


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