Voice In My Head

I saw the sun one day
Blinded, I fumbled for help.
Everything shone so bright,
I closed my eyes
To heal the wound.
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Carried Away

The sea . Its been a constant companion all my life having been born and brought up near it. Never too far, never less noisy and always unstoppable – the sea , quite unconsciously, became an integral part of my life and this I realised only when I went to college – to a place that was, well, ‘sealess’ . I have never felt so far , so melancholy and never has a day gone by where I thought about those omnipotent waves and how I longed their presence – who knew salty water could be so lovable!
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Time ran , I dream of butterflies …

08 Oct 2015

I turned 18 on this day.

18-There is a lot of hue and cry about this certain age, out there!They say it is a huge thing to turn 18, you become an adult.You become older, more mature, smarter and legally acceptable!

But how is one supposed to feel all of that overnight. I was 17 a few hours back, considered myself a kid , allowed my self great amounts of tomfoolery and didn’t care about a lot of stuff.

18 is here and I don’t feel it in my bones.

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