When Fifty.

One day I’ll be fifty
Greying hair and crow feet
The first few things
That you might notice
Never knowing the
Sights I have seen ,
With the wind in my hair ;
Unable to understand
The memoirs I collected from the
Life I explored
For fifty long years.

One day I’ll be fifty
Teenage kids and curfew timings
The rules you”ll criticise
Might not be easy to decode.
Trust the time I will have travelled
Second by second
Frame by frame;
Knowing the fears of the dark
hearts ; never the sky
For it has been the same
For fifty and the years before.

Fifty shall come
Layered on by the dust
Of memories and musings;
Fifty shall come
With time and tales
Of the era bygone;
Fifty shall come
Like come any other
In the life of men;
Fifty shall come
After fifty I have lived.

One day I’ll be fifty
But, it’s just not today.



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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

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