Can I Tell You A Secret?

Do I get a share, in the minutes of your time?
Would you sit up straight and look me in the eye?
Can I get you , absolutely, for a little while?
Could we take a break from this life that is a lie?
I might need a shoulder, some tissues, maybe a joke
Hey old friend , lost in the years and through places
Can I tell you a secret?

Is there any place on earth that we could go back in time?
Would you still fight and cry and later understand?
Should I get my gun or will you be my shield?
Can we run breathless , out on that field?
I might need a band-aid and I might need a hand
Hey there tenth grade enemy, since we are now friends
Can I tell you a secret?

If I would like to turn around, do we still have time?
Do we know our way around or are we still lost like the past?
Will I get an answer for all the questions I ask?
Would you lend me your ears and ditch that filthy mask?
I might need water, a few words and a new approach
Hey listen up , if you promise to keep it safe
Can I tell you a secret?

Do we judge what has been and spare ourselves this time?
If it wasn’t for misunderstandings , would we be just fine?
I know you won’t be far away, if I know you right?
I hope we can go on, for days infinite;
I might need nothing , just you by my side
Against my fears, as we put up a fight
Can IĀ  tell you a secret?



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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

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