He strung a few alphabets together
That’t who my daughter will be
To this world, those who will
Behold her for her courage and her mind
Her tears and her anger
Her words, her laughter , her choices
He gave her an identity
He named her.

She called out to her by what she
Stands to be ; what she stands up for
Against disharmony and wars,
Against dishonour,enmity and hate
Against restricted thoughts & oppressive ideologies
As she filled it with colour and shade
That which was her identity.
That which was her name.

I saw her stride through years
The name, her code in this world
A kaliedoscope and a maze
A memory, never same
An idea, A thought, A smile
She dared to be the petal amongst autumn leaves
Because that was her identity.
Her name.


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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

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