Mute World.

The car jolted to a stop
I woke up from my deep slumber
Yes,  that habit still exists
I tend to sleep on long rides to boredom
The wind sings a lullaby to my eyes
At least , that’s how I interpret it

Waking up on signal stops,
When Dad is a little careless
In putting his foot down on the brake pedal
Lest we dent  our car and theirs,
I look out to the world that’s mute
Mixing it with the songs on the stereo

Sunlight streaming in, I squint and complain
I look at the family on the motorcycle
But I drone on and on
The A.C has our car chilled
I lean back and gobble down more scenes
I try to figure out the world that is mute

The man on the sidewalk
Dirty clothes and unkempt hair
Icky nails and torn shoes
I stare long and hard
Desperate to know a little something
Of the man in this mute world

The lady in the car beside
Maybe famous , maybe shy
Such a contrast to the man I saw
I see tears, albeit sophisticated ones
I yearn to learn of the sorrow
That hits the sahabs in the mute world

The laborers digging up the land
Sweat wiped by the sore hands
I see them laughing as they look away
A break in their work , they are burdened
I want to laugh with mute world
Share the joke of this mute world

The child with his mother
Returning home
School’s out for the day
He looks forward to play
His mother says something lovingly
These words, I want to hear , of this mute world

The street hawkers shout out
Newspapers , Bangles , bric-a-brac
Colourful, cheap and uninteresting
They mistake my look for desire
When they see no money , they move ahead  with
The deals they make to this mute world

The old man sleeps on the pavement
Covered in rags ,donated
His beard is long and tangled
His self so devoid of a shelter
Days gone by with no food
I long to silence the grumbling in this mute world

Salesmen walk blindly towards another house
They knock , the intend to sell
A lady opens the door
Smiling, he speaks like a gentleman
The best he has ever been , ever looked
Her denial would not be heard in this mute world

So loud and yet so silent.
The world roars and mimes
I can see but I refuse to hear
So much it says , so much I can do
But all I do is sit back
And turn blind towards this mute world.