The Bigger Picture

I looked up and I saw
Pitch black
Not a point of reference
That glowed in the dark
Not the cousins of the sun
Blazing out each other
Not a join-the-dots game
I still played at fifteen.

I looked up and I saw
Whatever I dream of
I painted it in the dark
No witnesses to my art
Criticism had no place
No haters of what I made
As I filled up the sky
That had nothing in it for me.

I looked up and saw
The blue of the sea
Each a reflection of the other
No differences, just peace
Staring into the oblivion that
No man had ever seen
I saw the horizon hem a bond
No force could ever slay.

I looked up and saw
The colors filled in
No blank spaces in between
Shining in all its glory
For all the world to see
Nor hidden , neither camouflaged
I lifted the curtain of reticence
To reveal the bigger picture.