The Many Shades of Red

Red , they told me ,
A colour of the rising Sun
Set to warm the cold souls
Of the blackened night.
Red, they promised,
A color of inspired blood
Rushing through a being
Of immense humanity.
Red, they showed me ,
A mark of the woman
Tied in the sacred bond
Completing another half.

Red, I saw ,
A devastation and destruction of love.
The knife the let the red blood flow.
The words that bit into her soul.
The bullets that built a wall , unbreakable.
The voice of bitter memories.
Red, why had they lied to me.

Red was never one colour;
It was a variable waiting to change
Into the many forms it took
It was always in vain.


Draw A Line

The world is taking up
Taking up my life
Taking up my time
Taking up your energy
To idolise and impersonate
That epitome of every moment.
Little do we realise the new one
That we venerate at each step
Is only a mould
But who wants to be a second one?
Draw a line ; Shape the clay that you were cut out from
To cosy up in a niche that you carved.


Till My Last Breath

Can we rename life,
And call it learning?
Can we see it in new light,
That burns at each turning?

The coming of age
And the farewell of good sense
Turns into new roads
Of ignorance and folly.

The sun at dawn
That sets down on
All the light and glory
Turning away from us.

The receding waves of
Poseidon; taking with it
Bit by bit ; grain by grain
All the sand in return.

I see the school bell
That pulls away their mind
As you only hear it
Turn their pain into momentary pleasure.

Screeching to a halt
A collision averted
The driver hangs up the call
That could’ve turned lives around.

The turning of paths
The turning of days
The turning of pages
The curves that life carves.

At each bend, at each step
Pours in the need
For each step to find hard ground
For firmness to replace stepping stones.

Throw open the doors of your mind
To learning about life and
As you leaf through its stages
Climb to the peak of knowing
Wave to the people of yours
Let each wave be a learning phase.


Each one counts

I slid my feet under the warm sand
Establishing a link with the sea
The sea that made me feel a part
Of a bigger picture
But never embraced me, never let me close
It was the sand that held me
Comforted me and let me watch
It was the sand that got me near the sea.

Always a praiser of the water body
How easy was it to forget
The million tiny particles that
Got together to form the beach
The beach that let me be princess
Of a castle of my own
Each little grain being a strong part
Of my tiny creation I had grown.

The rough edged grains that
Grazed my elbows and knees
Giving them a blushed touch
That I would later realise
And regret my act of feeling
Too comfortable ; In the land
Of grains and granules that , like time,
I realised slid out of my hand.

Each second ticking by
Like each grain falling down
I feel the lack of control;
The little I can do to keep hold
So all I do is make the most
Of each moment
As I let the sand slip out
As beautifully as possible.

# Grain


He walked down memory lane
Stiff with fear.
Wondering ,the shape life
Had forsaken.
Lumbering down The Path
That was soul-less,
Yet, taken!

He wiped his forehead dry,
His parched throat
Clamping down his
Whimpering voice.
A roaring rage left him
In the midst of memories,
Was his only choice!

Those blinding lights
That hit his eyes,
A shriek tore into Continue reading Pathfinders.


People are who they want to be
They are the roads they choose
The path they avoid
The things that fill the void

Nobody is to blame for what you are today
Not your peers , not your alma mater , and certainly not your parents
Forced is never a choice but only the perspective of it
Its always your call, always has been – every part ,every bit

The world will yell, it will growl , it will tease , it will howl
It might hit, it might hurt Continue reading Choice.

Racing In the Dark

Knowing the endlessness

The vast expanse

Of the frivolity of all of this

Yet we continue to tread

The path that leads


Unknowing and uncertain

Upsetting and impulsive

We turn the faith in ourselves

To a blind fear of crusading warriors

No different than us

Less fearful than us.