Till My Last Breath

Can we rename life,
And call it learning?
Can we see it in new light,
That burns at each turning?

The coming of age
And the farewell of good sense
Turns into new roads
Of ignorance and folly.

The sun at dawn
That sets down on
All the light and glory
Turning away from us.

The receding waves of
Poseidon; taking with it
Bit by bit ; grain by grain
All the sand in return.

I see the school bell
That pulls away their mind
As you only hear it
Turn their pain into momentary pleasure.

Screeching to a halt
A collision averted
The driver hangs up the call
That could’ve turned lives around.

The turning of paths
The turning of days
The turning of pages
The curves that life carves.

At each bend, at each step
Pours in the need
For each step to find hard ground
For firmness to replace stepping stones.

Throw open the doors of your mind
To learning about life and
As you leaf through its stages
Climb to the peak of knowing
Wave to the people of yours
Let each wave be a learning phase.



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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

3 thoughts on “Till My Last Breath”

  1. Lovely poem with a great message.
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