He walked down memory lane
Stiff with fear.
Wondering ,the shape life
Had forsaken.
Lumbering down The Path
That was soul-less,
Yet, taken!

He wiped his forehead dry,
His parched throat
Clamping down his
Whimpering voice.
A roaring rage left him
In the midst of memories,
Was his only choice!

Those blinding lights
That hit his eyes,
A shriek tore into
The present that is.
An unshakeable black,
An unfilled gap,
He knew its existence,
But unaware of the abyss.

Let bygones be forgotten
The world moved ahead;
In sync yet sinking
He turns around to catch a glance.
A second shot
At living, learning
Loving, struggling;
A chance to set right the balance.

He fumbled , he fell
Misguided  ; the people
With mighty big words
Hidden truths , false voices.
Wondering of the negated
What left him devoid
He looked at the light
That led him to better choices.

Memories were no
Time machines; Neither he
A time traveller
Time – a past less state.
The colour of history – black
And dreadful
He chose the sunshine,instead,
That lit the road ahead.

Reverse leads to the
Same old place
That has no reason
To exist , to thrive.
Its the unlit rooms of
Future; left undiscovered
For the Pathfinders
In the maze of lives.


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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

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