People are who they want to be
They are the roads they choose
The path they avoid
The things that fill the void

Nobody is to blame for what you are today
Not your peers , not your alma mater , and certainly not your parents
Forced is never a choice but only the perspective of it
Its always your call, always has been – every part ,every bit

The world will yell, it will growl , it will tease , it will howl
It might hit, it might hurt
But the choice will stand deep within
Obscure and opaque , your heart will sing in the din

Its pitiable , the plight of those
who say “I had no choice”
Well , even the blind would gloat in the glory
They are the people who never had a voice

Choices always aren’t ours to make
The world is not ours to command
The people aren’t ours to rule
The heart is a beast , the mind its tool

What seems so far away
The land of satisfied greed
The realm of peaceful minds
The valley of double edged choices

The trick is the journey
The thoughts be the caravan
Glad tidings and happiness the road
Choice is what maketh a man.



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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

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