Voice In My Head

I saw the sun one day
Blinded, I fumbled for help.
Everything shone so bright,
I closed my eyes
To heal the wound.
I heard a sound in my head.

I liked the sun that day,
Scintillating and warm.
I walked to it ..
Kindling a joy , I rushed.
A strange banging in my head..

I sensed the screams,
Illuminating the truth –
Light is borne by fire
You will burn
Shall you tread to close.
I held it captive in the confines of ignorance.

A step at a time
I went
Closer and Closer
cozying up to the heat
Dazzled by the fireball
I heard no voice in my head.

The chill in my heart
The well of doubts
Ran Dry
And so I dashed
Into an inescapable maze

A ball of fire! A monster!
It held me prisoner
Set my faith , my joy ablaze

I had gone to close
I should have listened.
I called but I heard no sound ..
No! I heard a crackle –
A flame feasted on
The voice in my head


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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

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