Carried Away

The sea . Its been a constant companion all my life having been born and brought up near it. Never too far, never less noisy and always unstoppable – the sea , quite unconsciously, became an integral part of my life and this I realised only when I went to college – to a place that was, well, ‘sealess’ . I have never felt so far , so melancholy and never has a day gone by where I thought about those omnipotent waves and how I longed their presence – who knew salty water could be so lovable!

Waves crashing onto the shore
clichéd an expression
but there was nothing more I would have wished for

The warmth of familiarity,
The prevalent horizon of numbness
I longed for that spray
Jettisoning inhibitions and
Accepting the unknown.

Always a missing element
Tugging at the loose ends,
The wandering mind so lost and forlorn –
A longing gaze does not accomplish
the hopeless , endless want for more.

Nevertheless, I sat
What seemed till the end of time
In hope for magic and stars
To carry me to a state of being
I could never bewail.

In spite of this world
My heart leapt to another
And another and another
Excitement replaced once more
By a furious regret of the choice.

Bruises and burns adorn
The seemingly expansive thirst
Restricting its childish fancy
unleashing the prowess now out grown
Into enclosures well-known.

Awakened, I stare
The thoughts surprise me
Swallowed by its depth
The sea carried me to the doors
Of unholy ignition of belief.

Hidden until now,
My eyes hunt down
Confluence of sky and sea
While the waves coming crashing by
Anonymity carrying me to my eyes’ kill.


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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

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