Dear Ma ,

Someone once said ,”God couldn’t be everywhere,
So he sent mothers .”
I haven’t heard something more incorrect.
Never before was someone so wrong , so mistaken
Because mothers are more than just god-sent
They are the essence that dreams are made of
The softness snowflakes boast of
The blue of a clear sky
The power that waves show off
The delicacy that only petals know of
The unbelievable belief of each human heart.

Untiring even when unwilling
Never have I seen you deny.
Unstoppable you go on.
Unconditional love that floods your presence,
Unreasonable acceptance that graces our existence,
Never undecisive.

Unshakeable faith in the person we are
Unquestionable trust we are lucky to have
Never will I let you down.
Unjustifiable premonitions of our desires
Unthinkable ideas of our lives
I wouldn’t have been the person I am now.

Never have I thanked you for being you
Being there for me
For all you have done
All you want for me
Only I want so much for and from you too

I want the twinkle in your eye
The laughter resounding the space around
Peace in your heart and calm in your mind
Perfection being the theme of your days
And pure bliss your wake up call
I want the warmth of your being that makes the sun shy
Your affection that overpowers my insecurities
Your voice that fights my fears
I want you to fly to new horizons
And watch the sunset
Believe in what you desire because that is exactly what you will get

I hate the distance that keeps us apart now,
I hate only hearing you
I hate that I have to miss our hugs
I hate that I have to wait for my wish ,to see you ,come true

But until then ,I count down to homecoming
Only so many days now
Days until I see you
Days until we sit out talking
Days until I trouble you much
Days until togetherness as such.

Time is steady
I see the dimming light
Dusk settles in slowly
Another day crossed out tonight…


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Coffee Addict.Sea lover.Choosy reader. Part time Poet. Full time Observor.

5 thoughts on “Dear Ma ,”

  1. After reading this, after a long time I was again surrounded by the reassuring feeling of a greater tapestry unfolding, where I believe everything was exactly as it should be in grand scheme of things.


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